Coventry Schools Are Close On Monday Due To Trickbot Virus

Coventry Local School will remain shut on Monday due to the result of widespread issues regarding technology. Superintendent named Lisa Blough released this particular news in a letter to families and she had posted this on the Facebook page of the district. She clearly explained that during the end of last week, the network and computers of the district had got infected by the Trickbot virus. The district technology has been putting their work in a very diligent manner to resolve this problem. Unfortunately, the process of recovery is quite long and painstaking.

Lisa Blough said that, as they cannot provide any guarantee that the required operating system would be running smoothly on Monday, so in the best interests and welfare of their students, they have decided to keep the school shut on 20th May. As per reports, the district is making of all the possible resources as well as personnel to get the situation under control. She further went on to say that as of now, Monday is the only day they hope to cancel school. Moreover, she even promised to keep everyone informed about any further development over the matter as they do their best to fix this situation up quickly. Lisa would herself follow up to make a confirmation regarding what would happen with the school on Tuesday.

Trickbot Computer Virus is basically a banking Trojan that had appeared first up back in the year 2016. The name Trickbot directly comes up from the resources of the malware. This particular malware was mainly focused on stealing passwords from the customers of well-known banks. A similar threat was there for people carrying out their duties in the local schools of Coventry. Hence it was a much-needed step to keep the schools shut.