Tesla Comes Out With Software Updates for Batteries of Model S and X

Tesla has gone on to respond to the reports regarding the Model S car bursting out in flames in Hong Kong. They have done so through the rollout of a software update for increasing the battery life and safety of their vehicles. The incident had taken place three weeks after one video of a parked Model S car exploding in Shanghai made its way all over the social media in China. In the meantime, Tesla said that they had released the software update from an abundance of caution.

The update has already begun to land on Model S and X vehicles. It doesn’t look as if it will be available for Model 3 sedans. This over-the-air update will bring in changes within the charge and thermal management settings of the battery packs of either Model S or X. Roadshow from CNET clearly explained that the changes would probably allow the vehicles to manage the temperature of each battery cell along with the level of charge in a more efficient manner. A spokesperson said that currently, they have more than half a million vehicles on the road, which is in excess of double the number that they had at the start of the last year. The team of battery experts at Tesla makes use of this data to investigate the incidents thoroughly, which occur and understand the root cause.

Tesla finally stated that as they continue their investigation into the root cause from an abundance of caution, they are revising charge as well as thermal management settings on the vehicles of Model S and Model X through an over-the-air software update, which would start to get rolled out today. This would further help in protecting the battery and improve its longevity.