The Strange Dinosaur From Jurassic Did Not Have Wings Like A Bird

In recent few years, it has emerged that some dinosaurs were actually heaving feathers. This is despite them getting considered as scaly and reptilian in nature for a number of years. Now, a newly discovered species of scansoriopterygidae dinosaur has a different style altogether. This small creature had wings similar to that of a bat. It is known by the name of Ambopteryx longibrachiatum. It was merely 33 centimeters long. This flying animal lived 163 million years back, right during the middle of the Jurassic.

The remains of this strange dinosaur clearly show everyone that flight among dinosaurs was definitely trying to evolve themselves in different forms. There are different kinds of species of scansoriopterygidae dinosaur. In a typical manner, scansoriopterygidae get reconstructed with wings having feathers. Still, back in the year 2015, palaeontologists in China had found a species named Yi qi, which had an enlarged digit that extended from the wrist. This is called a styliform and the feature happens to be more typical like a bat than a bird. It was the first time ever that such a wing could be seen in theropods, as opposed to pterosaurs or bats.

A. longibrachiatum hence adds up quite a considerable support to the idea of the parallel evolution of flight. They have a similar kind of bone structure with a membrane that supports styliform but it is definitely not the same animal as Y. Qi. It contains a wider and a much longer forelimb, along with a short tail having fused vertebrae at the end. As of today, these kinds of birds no longer exist or even have survived into the Cretaceous. The researchers noted that it was possible an evolutionary experiment for a short time, which ultimately got lost out to the variety having feathers.