Respawn Will Put a Ban on the Players of Apex Legends

People would have come across teammates in online games, who could only rely on his or her partner’s success. This is quite a normal thing to happen, where some people only tend to become dependent on their partners for winning online games. Now, the good news is that people might not have to do so in Apex Legends. As far as a broader update on their plans is concerned, Respawn has issued a warning regarding this matter. They have clearly stated that they would issue temporary bans to all those players, who would enjoy the success of their partners without themselves participating in the matches.

This particular policy from Respawn would not take effect right away but it could well result in permanent bans in extreme situations. Mooching or piggybacking is not something unique to Apex or the battle of the royale genre. Still, this might well be a much more serious matter than in some other titles. One just cannot play solo in Apex at the moment. The reward system tends to revolve around quite heavily on how one levels up if anyone is not willing to pay up real money. This is why it is extremely tempting to remain absolutely idle in games to gain experience without making any kind of significant contribution.

Finally, there is still no clarity as to whether this step from Respawn will have any impact or not. There are certain concerns, which still could continue to exist. People might well figure out the least way to contribute and that might let them evade a ban. Plus the experience point system might still reward them simply through survival more than it should. It is not a usual thing for game developers to ban players for things that they do not do.