The Pixel 3a Smartphone from Google Is Cheap and Easy To Fix

The newest phones from Google have just got launched this week. They have dramatically reduced the prices of other flagships on our list of best phones, which include the likes of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. There are certain trade-offs in getting one’s hands on the new Pixel 3a down to a price of $399. The Google Pixel 3a is easy to open as it makes use of a spongy material instead of the kind of adhesive that is usually found in premium phones. We will take a look at those, as we move forward in this article.

Components, which have a tendency to wear out initially, like the USB-C port and the 3.5mm headphone jack are also easy to remove as well as replace. The battery also makes use of an adhesive to release stretches, which allows it to come out very easily. When one considers the fact that Pixel 3a costs a lot less and still goes on to offer a similar kind of design, a decent screen and also a camera experience that is equal to that of Pixel 3’s, then the new phone looks like a winner from all respects. The longevity of the phone has increased. Pixel 3a has some trade-offs including the lack of water resistance, weaker Snapdragon 670 chipset, no wireless charging and a polycarbonate body that will not feel as premium.

So, having discussed all, it can be said that Google Pixel 3a is nothing but a small miracle. The terrific camera of Pixel 3 has made the transition to a phone at half the price. If anyone has always had the fancy to try their hands on the terrific camera, they can simply go ahead and buy a Pixel 3a right at this point in time.