Google Will Allow People to Play Simple Games on Smart Displays

Those who are obsessed with games will always be on the lookout for laying games on smart displays. They would then get a whole new experience, which they could never ever have imagined earlier. Beginning from today, developers will manage to create games for the smart displays of Google. The search engine giant is opening up access to a framework based on Google Assistant known as Interactive Canvas. It would allow them to build up applications or actions in full screen on smart displays, which bring together touchscreen inputs, voice as well as visuals.

In the meantime, games happen to be the only kinds of Actions the developers will be able to create for smart displays by making use of Canvas. There is a whole of more categories coming soon. There is indeed a lot to look forward to, for all those who eat, sleep and breathe online games. HQ University is a version of HQ Trivia. It was already available through Assistant. Now, this was given as an example of the kind of game, which people would be able to play, plus, they can also play Jungle Dream, which happens to be an interactive word game. One should not expect AAA blockbuster games over here. This is because Canvas makes use of open web technologies like HTML, CSS as well as JavaScript. Hence, these kinds of Actions seem quite likely to be akin to web applications.

It seems as if people will have a lot more options for things they can do with their Nest display in the very near future. So, people can look forward to some really exciting times ahead of them. They would be able to immerse themselves in the smarter displays while playing their regular simple games and take complete enjoyment out of those.