The Sunscreen Chemicals Get Inside The Bloodstream Just After One Day

The US Foods and Drug Administration has carried out new research. As per their research, the chemicals that exist in sunscreen do not only sit on top of one’s skin but they get absorbed in the bloodstream. On Monday, a study was published in the medical journal JAMA. It found that a number of active ingredients in different kinds of sunscreens make an entry into the bloodstream at levels that exceed the threshold recommended by the FDA. The threshold is without the safety inspection from the government.

Former chairman of FDA, Robert Califf along with the JAMA Dermatology Editor in Chief, Kanade Shinkai said that sunscreens have not remained subjected to standard safety testing of drugs. 24 individuals had participated in the study. They were instructed to apply one out of four different types of sunscreen spray, lotion or cream four times a day for four days on all areas, which would not get covered by a swimsuit. Researchers then went on to measure the concentration of four different kinds of active ingredients in the blood. In case the absorption exceeds 0.5 ng/ml, then the FDA recommends people to undergo nonclinical toxicology assessment including systematic carcinogenicity, additional development, and reproductive studies.

In response to the study, the American Academy of Dermatologists had released a statement. They encouraged people to keep using a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher than that along with other measures of protection. AAD President, George J. Hruza said that skin cancer happens to be the most common cancer affecting people in the United States. Dermatologists look into the impact that it tends to have on the lives of patients each day. The FDA recommends the application of sunscreen of SPF 15 or more for every two hours even on cloudy days.