An Internet Explorer Mode Is About To Come Up In Microsoft Edge

There are some really big changes all set to come up for the browser of Microsoft Edge. Back in the month of December, the company had announced that they will be moving over to Chromium. It is an open source project, which provides power to Google Chrome. Now, this is not all. Today, they have come up with an announcement that the next version of Edge would come along with an Internet Explorer mode. This would allow people to run older websites, which do not support modern browser technology. It will be a boon for corporate users and their IT departments as they often get stuck up while using older web pages.

In addition to this, Microsoft is also including three different levels of privacy control to the browser. The levels include unrestricted, balanced and strict. No one really needs to explain the three levels in detail as they all explain themselves. The organization has said that it would have an effect on how companies can track people’s activities across the internet. In a way, it will be a good option for anyone who looks out for some sort of security without only making use of a restricted window, InPrivate.

Microsoft Edge is also coming up with an update for one of their more innovative features. This is the ability to quickly set aside and re-load a window filled with tabs. Microsoft has not yet made any announcement with regard to their release of Edge that is powered by Chromium. Still, keeping the company’s history in mind, it is sure to come up along with Windows update during the fall season. If anyone wants to test it out right now, people can get a feel of the preview on the insider site of Edge.