Fresh Quarantine Is Faced By the Scientology Cruise Ship in Curacao

A Church of Scientology cruise ship was quarantined for measles by St. Lucia, the Caribbean Nation. It is due for arrival on Saturday back to its home port on the island of Curacao. This is where it will face the same kinds of restrictions. It was stated by a top health official over there. A team of health officers in Curacao has plans of boarding the vessel in order to determine who among those aboard, might have got exposed to a crew member diagnosed with measles. Plus, they would also have a look into who among the ones on board had got vaccinated earlier against the extremely contagious disease.

Chief Epidemiologist for the Curacao Biomedical and Health Research Institute, Dr. Izzy Gerstenbluth said all those passengers and crew, who can prove that they were already vaccinated or already have suffered from measles earlier, would possibly be free to disembark themselves from the Cruise Ship and go ahead with their own business. Other people would probably get restricted from leaving the vessel for the whole duration of the period of incubation. This is the time during which affected people might potentially transmit the disease to other people around. Gerstenbluth was clear in the statement that they do not want this disease to spread further. Period of incubation can go on for 21 days after the exposure.

The quarantine has come up in the midst of a widespread resurgence of measles across the world. Public health officials have put the blame for this on the declining rates of inoculation in certain populations because of misinformation related to the safety of the vaccine. Cases of measles in the United States itself has gone up to more than 700 this week. This has reached its peak in 25 years.