Burger King Looks to Make the Most of Mental Health Awareness

Burger King wants people to know and understand that it is quite okay for the state of one’s mind to be anything other than happy. Now, in order to promote this particular message, the fast food chain has launched its campaign by the name of Real Meals. This is timed in such a manner so that it can coincide with two deals. One of them is Mental Health Month, while the other one happens to be a direct attack on the Happy Meals that are available at McDonald’s.

On Wednesday, they had launched a commercial on social media. In that commercial, one could see people, mainly belonging to millennial and the younger generation, expressing different states of mind. For instance, some said that he cannot imagine the amount of his student loan, while another person said that he will never move out anywhere from his parents’ home. The advertisement goes on to say that no person is happy at each and every moment of their life. Hence, they directed the viewers to the website of the non-profit organization Mental Health America. They feel that it is perfectly alright not to stay happy all the time.

The Real Meals selection is a collaboration with Mental Health America. This includes the blue meal, something called the yaaas meal, the salty meal and also the pissed meal. Customers go on to receive a Whopper along with fries and a drink. Still, the rollout of this campaign, which was dubbed as Feel Your Way, had drawn criticism. Many people had raised objections to the fact that mental illness was portrayed as a commodity. Plus the company’s decision to make depression equal to a colored box of fast food also attracted criticism from different quarters.